UK Poker Player Poker News Somebody Won the DTD Deepstack this Weekend

Somebody Won the DTD Deepstack this Weekend

Posted by David Cowell on June 06, 2011 at 12:08 BST

The headline might seem a little strange but to be honest, that’s all we have! The UK’s premier poker venue Dusk Till Dawn in Nottingham held their Monthly Deepstack tournament with a £100,000 Guaranteed prizepool. The tournament featured the ever more popular re-entry format where if you are eliminated you can buy back in.

The thing about this tournament wasn’t the fact that it was superb or that the prizepool swelled to over £104,000 with a large number of re-entries. What’s strange is that the winner wanted to be anonymous as did the 5th place finisher who traveled there with the anonymous winner.

The tournaments updates were provided by the excellent folk over at Blonde Poker and one section in particular was amusing to me:

“Sorry about all this, my hands are tied behind my back. Anon 1 was very insistent no hints be given, and DTD insisted I complied, for reasons I cannot divulge, after clues on Day 1a and 1b had to be deleted, and I certainly don’t want to cause any player problems. Anon 2 traveled here today with Anon 1, wasn’t Anon yesterday, but strode in today and insisted he was Anon too.”

So in summary, the dtd deepstack was a huge success with two people traveling together in some car from somewhere, both made the final table finishing 1st and 5th.

The next deepstack is scheduled for July at DTD Poker and costs £300 + £30 and again has a £100,000 Gtd.

Online Satellites

Monday: €10 rebuy, 15 x £300 Seats GTD

Tuesday: €10 rebuy, 15 x £300 Seats GTD

Wednesday: €10 rebuy, 10 x £300 Seats GTD

Thursday: €10 rebuy, 10 x £300 Seats GTD

Friday: €10 rebuy, 10 x £300 Seats GTD