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Top 5 Mistakes in Poker

Posted by David Cowell on March 08, 2011 at 3:24 GMT

There are five common mistakes that novice poker players make when first playing Texas Hold’em Poker. Most of these are down to inexperience and the player’s enthusiasm to get involved with the game, but all the while other players are profiting from them, nobody is going to volunteer the information about where they are going wrong.

If you are just starting out playing online Texas Hold’em, watch out for these common novice errors – you can be sure as hell other players will be!

Playing too many starting hands – Ideally in a cash ring game, and especially in a multi table poker tournament, you should be playing no more than 30% of your hands. This is not to say that if you have played 8 out of your first 15 hands, you need to start throwing away premium hands to get your stats down, but focus on playing only the very best hands from anywhere other than in late position.

Calling with a weak hand when facing a bet – Just because you have position, it does not mean that you have to claim it with every rotation of the button. Calling with a weak hand is also an expensive option when you are in the blinds position, and it is worth learning about pot odds before you commit chips into a pot to defend your blinds. Remember that you will be the first to act in the next round of betting.

Not releasing a hand when beat – Having second or third best hand in poker does not win you anything, and putting more money into a pot to call a bet in the hope that your opponent has fourth or fifth best hand will gain you a lot of friends, but little else. Identifying which of your opponents plays tight poker, and which tend to bluff will help solve this problem, but you need to develop the discipline to throw away decent hands when you have to.

Not raising pre-flop with premium hands – One major error that new players have to learn quickly is that you cannot win monster pots with every decent hand. It is far better to take out a small pot regularly with your premium hands than limp into pots and get rivered by another player who has made the most unlikely straight. Learn to make other players pay for their cards and allow the big pots to develop rather than trying to manipulate them.

Under betting the pot – This error occurs more often in post-flop play and is an extension of the previous point. If you have connected with the flop and hold a strong hand, bet it out now. Unless you know for sure that your hand cannot be beaten irrespective of what comes up on the turn and river, giving away cheap cards by under-betting the pot is a sure way to see your hand get beaten.

Obviously, there are more than five errors that are made by players of all levels of the game, but these tend to be the most common. More experienced and observant players will identify these basic mistakes very quickly and try to take advantage of the new player’s naivety, so if you are just starting out in the fascinating and potentially lucrative world of online poker, take note of these common errors and eliminate them from your game.

This was a pretty basic article but if you want to win something like the gukpt, then you’d better make sure you have the basics mastered at the very least!