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UK & Ireland Regional Cup of Online Poker

Posted by David Cowell on October 19, 2010 at 7:16 BST

pokerstars ukPokerStars announced earlier this week that, following the success of their WCOOP and SCOOP series, they were going to introduce a new worldwide tournament online schedule, covering 13 different regions of the world (hence RCOOP – Regional Cup of Online Poker) with over $7 million in guaranteed prize money.

Each regional program consists of 11 different events, culminating in a “Main Event”, with many of the tournaments “hosted” by PokerStars pros. UK Poker Players have been regionalised with the Republic of Ireland and Isle of Man (obviously a new independent PokerStars country) and inasmuch as the UK & Ireland have a great wealth of PokerStars pros who will be competing in these events, the UK and Ireland region has been mainly ignored when the guaranteed funds were being calculated – with only $512.500 (7% of the total fund) being guaranteed for the UK and Ireland events (about £320.000 in real money).

The program for UK Poker Players runs from December 5th to 12th, with satellite qualifiers starting soon on PokerStars  for the provisional schedule below:-

01 5-Dec 20:00 No Limit Hold´em (6 Max- Rebuy)

02 5-Dec 21:00 Pot Limit Omaha Hi/Lo

03 6-Dec 20:00 No Limit Hold´em 2XC Turbo

04 7-Dec 20:00 No Limit Hold´em

05 8-Dec 20:00 No Limit Hold´em Heads Up

06 9-Dec 20:00 H.O.R.S.E.

07 10-Dec 20:00 No Limit Hold´em (6 Max)

08 11-Dec 20:00 7 Card Stud Hi/Lo

09 11-Dec 21:00 No Limit Hold´em (1R1A)

10 12-Dec 20:00 Pot Limit Omaha (1R1A)

11 12-Dec 21:00 No Limit Hold´em Main Event

Entry fees per tournament and the guaranteed prize pool available for each game should be available within the next week, plus final confirmation of the event schedule.

Enthusiasm for the series has been initially pretty muted, with an impromptu survey conducted by an online poker forum revealing a three way split between those who were intending to buy-in directly (most games we guess are going to be around £150-£200 buy-ins), those who would try to qualify via a PokerStars satellite and those who had no intention of getting involved at all.

Following the announcement, the PokerStars Twitter account was bombarded with requests for a mini-FTOPS style “micro stakes COOP” (minus the FTP bots) and even an FCOOP (“F” = free!). The first option, PokerStars have said they will consider for next year – the secondly is a non-starter in their eyes.