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UKIPT Nottingham to Set New Records

Posted by Andy on April 12, 2012 at 12:44 BST

UKIPT NottinghamThe Nottingham leg of the UK and Ireland Poker Tour (UKIPT) has always been one of the most popular stops on the PokerStars sponsored live poker series, but this year it looks set to break every UKIPT record in the book. Being hosted at the Dusk till Dawn club, the Main Event has been guaranteed to have a £1 million prize pool and the response from players has been so fantastic that the event had to be rescheduled to host three Day 1s!

No Overlay Expected!

The first of the three Day 1s saw 500 registered players and 32 “alternatives” (players who are allowed to enter once others have been eliminated during the early rounds) take their seats – each having qualified through PokerStars online UKIPT satellites or paid the £700.00 + £70.00 to get a seat.

If these numbers are repeated on Thursday and Friday (and the word from the club is that the two days are already sold out), the total prize pool could reach £1.2 million – generating a first prize of over £200,000 which would eclipse the £109,000 won by Gareth Walker at last year´s UKIPT Nottingham Main Event.

Incidentally, the current record number of entrants for any UKIPT event (including the EPT London Finals) is also held by the UKIPT Nottingham. 1058 players qualified or paid for their seats in 2011, and guessimates suggest that this year´s total will be closer to 1,600!

News from UKIPT Nottingham Day 1A

Whereas many Day 1A´s are dour events, relatively poorly attended and the leaders end the day with half the chip stacks of the top performers from other opening days, the UKIPT Nottingham Day 1A was a packed event, with tons of action and plenty of well-known faces among the players.

In addition to Gareth Walker, the UKIPT Nottingham champion from 2010 – Andrew Couldridge – took his seat, and they were joined by UKIPT regulars Sinem Melin (5th UKIPT Brighton), Jamie Dale (3rd UKIPT Edinburgh) and Raj Verma (2nd UKIPT Newcastle).

Pieter de Korver – the former EPT Grand Final champion – Keith Johnson, who won Eureka Prague and Kevin Iacofano who final tabled both the EPT Copenhagen (4th, February 2011) and EPT London (6th, September 2011) were also among notable names taking their chance at the massive prizepool.

Chip Counts from UKIPT Nottingham Day 1A

Unfortunately neither Gareth Watson nor Andrew Couldridge will be showing up on Saturday for Day 2 of the UKIPT Nottingham as both were eliminated before the close of the day. However, 100 players survived the eleven levels of play, with UK poker player Marcin Milde holding a substantial advantage and creating a target for the players taking their seats for Days 1B and 1C.





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