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US Players to be given their cash back

Posted by David Cowell on April 27, 2011 at 2:52 GMT

Stateside players can rejoice at last, as it was yesterday announced that PokerStars would begin processing payouts for Americans via direct bank transfer.

Both the US Department of Justice and PokerStars announced last week that returning player funds was to be a top priority, with each blaming the other for them not being returned immediately. Steve “ackbleh” Day, a representative of the online poker room who appeared on the Two Plus Two Pokercast, assured players that PokerStars would begin processing the cash outs in the next few days.

pokerstarsUS players have now received emails from PokerStars, reassuring them that their funds are safe, but advising citizens to download them immediately. It is also “strongly recommended” that they use the bank transfer option, as the website anticipates a heavy delay due to the number of requests coming in. In order to remove funds, US players are directed to a “forced cash out” screen which states that, due to government regulations, they must take out their entire bank balance at once.

Naturally this comes as great news for the SuperNova Elite gunners, not to mention the many online poker grinders across America. Some, including professionals, had funds accounting to millions of dollars, which until yesterday they had been unsure as to when they would be returned; if they were to be returned at all.  No word has come through as yet regarding the Frequent Player Points, which are important as they are valued as several cents each.