UK Poker Player Poker News Welshman Romanello wins WPT Bratislava

Welshman Romanello wins WPT Bratislava

Posted by Andy on April 04, 2011 at 5:07 BST

Roberto RomanelloHailing from Swansea, Roberto Romanello currently ranks as 5th in the list of Wales’ most successful poker players. He has enjoyed prestigious success on the tournament circuit, and last Christmas bagged his maiden European Poker Tour title in Prague.

Not content to rest on his laurels, he has now has followed it swiftly with his first World Poker Tour win, beating 211 other players to take his new crown.

Going into the final day of the WPT in Slovakia meant that Romanello already has all eyes upon him as potential winner. However, it all boiled down to a heads up against Columbia’s Mayu Roca. After 2 hours of gruelling one on one, it finally came to a head. Roca raised to 90,000 pre-flop, and Romanello three bet to 255,000. Roca countered by moving in with a four bet of 590,000. Romanello declared he was all-in. The cards went down. With Roca holding Ace King against Romanello’s pocket Fives, the race was on. The Flop brought up J♣ 6♣ 8♥. With a 3♦ on the Turn, and a Q♠ in the River, Romanello was declared winner.

Keeping true to his pre-game promise, and showing some true Welsh grit, he didn’t shed a tear; even though his bankroll has just increased by  over $140,000. His victory means Romanello will be heading off to Vegas to compete in the WPT final, in the hopes that his poker crown will soon become triple tiered.

Roberto Romanello is also a member of the Full Tilt pro team, and regularly plays online at Full Tilt Poker. Since he turned full-time pro in 2005, he has clocked up over $520,000 in live tournament earnings alone. He used to work in his parents’ award-winning Fish and Chip restaurant in Wales, which has been running in Swansea for over 30 years.

The final table positions and payouts of the WPT Bratislava were as follows:

1. Roberto Romanello – €140,685

Mayu Roca – €71,000

Alexander Jager – €42,000

Frank Dollinger – €33,000

Jesper Hoog – €26,000

Chris Williamson – €21,000

Bodo Sbrzesny – €17,000

Marek Tatar – €14,000