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WSOP 2011 Main Event Day 7

Posted by Andy on July 19, 2011 at 1:50 BST

Eoghan O'Dea

Will the last American to leave Las Vegas Please Turn off the Lights!

They might have dominated the World Series of Poker in the previous 57 events, but in the one that counts, five different nationalities fill the top five places – and only Ben Lamb represents the Stars and Stripes. Indeed, nine different nationalities are represented among the 22 remaining players, as we head towards the climax of the world´s most prestigious poker event.

Chip leader, Ahnton Makievskyi, owes his position to a wonderful flop in the biggest pot of the tournament to date. Holding K J♠, he could not believe his luck when Christopher Moore (holding A J) raised his bet on a board that showed K♠ J♣ J. With no ace to assist Moore, Makievskyi took down a pot worth just over 20 chips.

Makievskyi is closely pursued by Irishman Eoghan O´Dea (more about Eoghan below) with Canadian Khoa Nguyen 3 million chips in arrears.

The “Top 9” looks like this:-

Player Nationality Chips
1 Anton Makievskyi Ukraine 21,045,000
2 Eoghan O’Dea Ireland 19,050,000
3 Khoa Nguyen Canada 16,435,000
4 Andrey Pateychuk Russia 16,245,000
5 Ben Lamb USA 14,690,000
6 Phil Collins USA 13,805,000
7 John Hewitt Costa Rica 13,265,000
8 Ryan Lenaghan USA 10,415,000
9 Matt Giannetti USA 8,920,000


When the tournament recommences tonight, the blinds will be 100,000/200,000 (ante 30,000) and play will continue until just nine players remain – The November Nine!

The Rise and Demise of JP Kelly

A fantastic effort by JP Kelly saw him finish in 26th position and collect $302,005, but it could have been so much better for the PokerStars pro. Starting the day in 17th place with 3.75 million chips, JP doubled up quickly with A K against Matt Giannetti´s A♣ J♣ and then took out Minh Nguyen to see his chip stack increase to 8.4 million and take third place on the leaderboard.

However, his luck (and chip stack) started to tumble after lunch, when he lost nearly 4 million chips to Kenny Shih´s quad queens and a further three million in a A K♠ (Kelly) v J J♣ race against Sam Barnhart. The final kick in the Kellys came when he shoved his J 10 into Andrey Pateychuk´s A♠ A and, despite finding the J♠ on the flop, was sent to the rail.

Sam Holden – Last (UK) Man Standing

Just as JP Kelly was leaving the Main Event, Sam Holden – who has quietly made it to this stage of the event being all-in just once! – was starting to chip up. Stealing blinds of 80,000/160,000, and then doubling up with A♦ Q against Gregory Kaplan´s 6 6♠, the 22 year old Kent university graduate saw his stack increase to 5.6 million. The UKIPT regular, who plays most of his poker online, finished the day in 17th position with 4,740,000 chips sitting in front of him.

Adopting an Irishman – Eoghan O´Dea

With just the one UK poker player remaining in the WSOP Main Event, we are also cheering on Dublin´s Eoghan O´Dea on the basis that his father (Donnacha O´Dea) won a lot of his money at London´s Victoria Casino. Eoghan (AKA Tiltpaddy on Paddy Power Poker) is looking strong going into the final day before the November Nine are decided, with a chip stack of 19,050,000 – much of it courtesy of two major hands towards the close of play.

In the first he took a pot worth 12.5 million chips off of Ben Lamb, whose J♥ J where no match for Eoghan´s K♠ K, and then Kings did Eoghan a favour one more time – taking the last six million chips from Andrew Hinrichsen who was eliminated in 23rd place. Go n-éirí an t-ádh leat Eoghan!