UK Poker Player Poker News WSOP Event 54 Carnage Continues

WSOP Event 54 Carnage Continues

Posted by Andy on July 06, 2011 at 10:52 BST

Max LykovThe “52 Card Bloodlust” that was witnessed during Days 1 and 2 of the $1,000 NLHE Championship (Event 54) continued into Day 3 of this four day event, as the overnight field of 44 was whittled down to a final table of nine with hours of the scheduled day still to play. The scene was set when three players had gone within the first 15 minutes, and the sound of big stacks falling was a regular feature even before the first break of the day.

Should´ve Known Better

Players – who should have known better and are a bad example to anybody watching – were shoving stacks of more than twenty big blinds into the middle, with hands that would have got them laughed off a micro-stakes Sit ´n´ Go. Somehow, some of them remained in the game which suckouts that would have shamed the most novice fish on Party Poker.

Sebastien Roy is a Lucky Boy

One such player – Canadian Sebastien Roy – currently lies in fourth place after seeing his A K connect with 2 3 4 on the flop and 5♣ on the river to bust Christopher Trueblood´s pocket tens. Later in the day, his luck saved his tournament life when a queen on the turn paired the queen in his hand and sent him temporarily into the lead. But, as we know in this tournament, being chip leader in this tournament is no good thing!

Leaders Tumble to Max Lykov

Starting Day 3 as chip leader was Argentinean Anibal Andres. Andres was crippled within a couple of hours by UK poker player Warren Wooldridge (more about Warren below) and busted by Max Lykov a few hands later. Matthew LaGarde was temporarily left in the lead before being crippled by Wilson Diaz and then sent to the rail by Lykov. Lykov then whacked new chip leader Matthew Leecy to take a chip lead of almost 2 million into the final day.

The Rail Roused for Warren Wooldridge

It has been a quiet few days for supporters of UK poker players competing in the World Series of Poker, but the inclusion of Warren Wooldridge at the final table will ensure some noise at the event tonight. Wooldridge is CEO of Black Belt Poker and one of the “Vegas 11” who are staying at Woolridge´s rented villa in Las Vegas. Warren does a lot of coaching of UK poker players, runs an active poker forum and is no stranger to live success – with regular cashes at the WSOP since 2004.

All at UKpokerplayer will be rooting for Warren (soberly) when play starts again this evening (2.30 PST)

Chip Counts for Event 54

Player Nationality Chips
1 Max Lykov Russia 3,875,000
2 Dror Michaelo USA 1,980,000
3 Joshua Evans USA 1,670,000
4 Sebastien Roy Canada 1,400,000
5 Douglas MacKinnon USA 1,160,000
6 Warren Wooldridge England 1,030,000
7 Harald Olsen Norway 1,025,000
8 Stanislav Alekhin Russia 820,000
9 Ren Ho Zhang Canada 785,000