Pokerview Poker Expands to Merge Network


PokerViewThe online poker site responsible for bringing webcam poker to the networks – Pokerview – is expanding its operation by moving to the Merge Network. Having established itself as a popular online poker site on the Everleaf Gaming Network, Pokerview is hoping to attract a greater number of players to its innovative software by moving to a network with a much wider audience.

Webcam Poker Has More to Offer Than Novelty

Webcam poker is viewed by some online poker players as only having novelty value, but according to Pokerview player “sexc_AZN” being able to see who you are playing against “gives the game a higher sort of realism then just playing with the typical avatar. By being able to see the player allows you to get reads on reactions they have in certain situations. By picking up on these reactions and tendencies it allows me to gather more information before I make my decision.

New Improved Poker Bonus

To promote its move to the Merge Network, Pokerview Poker is increasing its new player poker bonus from $600.00 to $750.00 and will be introducing a whole new range of lucrative promotions over the forthcoming month – including a guaranteed $4 million tournament. A new “Get Paid to Play” promotion is lined up to replace the existing “Pokerpoints Frenzy” which expires on September 28th and, with a larger player database to play against, earning reward points for the VIP program should become far easier. As always, look around on sites like pokerview bonus to get yourself the best deal and instructions on how to clear the bonus making use of the pokerview bonus code.

Pokerview Poker Software Changes

There is a world of difference between the software options available on the Everleaf Gaming Network and the Merge Network, and after the changeover (scheduled for September 13th) the webcam poker games will be temporarily suspended. Players will still be able to play regular (non-webcam) poker and when the new API software is introduced, players will notice a much better video speed plus it is hoped to integrate the webcam poker software into the downloadable client in a later upgrade which will be available to both Window and Mac poker players.

Pokerview Aiming to Conquer America

Although Pokerview Poker has been accepting players from the US while on the Everleaf Gaming Network, it is anticipated that the move to the Merge Network will increase the sites profile once Merge´s temporary suspension new American registrations is lifted. Existing US poker players with accounts at Pokerview Poker will be “grandfathered in” to enable to play on the site once the switch of networks is complete.

Additional Benefits From the Pokerview Poker Switch

In addition to the extended market, new poker bonus and improved software, Pokerview Poker will also be able to offer their players a wider choice of poker games. 5 Card Draw, Badugi, Razz and triple Draw will be added to the existing portfolio of Hold´em, Stud and Omaha, and Pokerview Players will also have the facility (via the 24/7 live support) to set up their own games.

As Pokerview Poker player “mini_vikes2” says “You never know who will show up! I love to play every day with all the awesome people I have made friends with on the webcam tables. In my opinion this is the best poker site I ever played on. It’s always great to meet new people every time I log on, but I also love to play with the regulars. There is a sense of community that you can’t find on any other poker site.”

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