Whats Happened to Hellmuth?

When you watch a lot, or read a lot about poker you get to know loads of players names many of which are far from “famous players”. There is one player whom was recognised as one of the best tournament players in the World and one of the biggest babies of the game, we are talking about Phil Hellmuth Widely known as the poker brat.

The thing we find with Phil is that he is a much better tournament player than he is a cash game player, he’s also better at limit hold’em than no-limit? His name has been seen less and less frequently of late and that may be down to the fact that his basic tight strategy is outdated, or it could be him just taking a break or doing something that he does very well . . . promote his poker room.

Phil is of course the front man for UB the re-branded poker room that was called Ultimate Bet. It’s a pretty good site but has been troubled by scandal in the past including the infamous cheating scandal where the cheats could see the other players cards. Now the new room seems solid enough and is picking up new players at an alarming rate.

The number of people looking for a UB Referral Code has risen which is a good indicator of a poker room attracting new players. This is possibly down to the fact they offer a very high deposit bonus of $1100 or 111%.

No matter what you think of Mr Hellmuth he will always have a place in poker history with a record number of WSOP bracelets, an attitude problem and useless attempts at big entrances. Perhaps his time would be better spent concentrating on getting back his winning ways and adapting to the modern game a bit more.

We’re not really criticizing his play, after all we will never match his amazing accomplishments! But he just seems to be fading away into obscurity and being ridiculed by the next generation of poker pro’s.

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