When Not To Play Online Poker

Its not always a good idea to join a tournament or sit at an online cash game, sometimes doing so is one of the biggest mistakes that we all make from time to time, there are the obvious points to make here but lets make them anyway.

  • Never play when drunk
  • Never play when tired
  • Never play With money you cannot afford to lose

There is another more important rule to follow which is simple “NEVER PLAY FOR PLAYINGS SAKE” how many times have you clicked join when you didn’t really want too, but through sheer boredom or lack of anything else of interest to do thought it was a good idea.

Playing when you have no real interest in playing is one of the biggest mistakes you can make, it’s also a fast track to the broke farm which we all need to avoid.

I personally do it all the time, I may be writing on here or doing basically nothing and decide out of boredom to play cash game or join a tournament knowing full well I’ve little or NO CHANCE of winning because I’m just not in to it. The answer to this problem is to find something else to do (not playing casino games) get a hobby, read some news, watch a film anything but lose money.

To prove the point all I have to do is check my tournament stats at a site like pokerprolabs and see that I played 3 or 4 tournaments one after another with low buyins and went out in 3437th place place from 3500 runners.

My stats hold up well when I don’t do this and my profit is pretty good. Playing Poker when you don’t really want to play is BAD NEWS, you may as well be blind drunk and had no sleep for a week.

Can you think of any more times when playing is simply a bad idea before you even start?

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